Using Phoenix Wallet

Easily Send and Receive Bitcoin Using Lightning on Your Phone

Lightning network payments are a faster and often cheaper way to spend and receive bitcoin. This guide will walk you through the easiest way to get started.

  1. Install Phoenix Wallet on Android or iPhone.
  2. Run Phoenix and click create new wallet.
  3. Click the Receive button to receive bitcoin using the lightning network.
    enter image description here
  4. Click show bitcoin address if sender does not have a lightning wallet.
  5. Once you have bitcoin in the wallet you can pay any lightning invoice by clicking the send button.

You should back up your wallet just in case your phone is lost, stolen, or broken.

  1. Click the settings gear icon on the top left.
  2. Click recovery phrase.
  3. Check off the two boxes and click display seed.
    enter image description here
  4. Write down those 12 words on paper and keep them safe. Anyone with access to those words can spend your funds.

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The content above provides education as to general privacy and security practices when using bitcoin. Should you choose to apply the practices described in linked content with bitcoin you own now or may purchase in the future, you do so at your own risk and I shall in no event be liable for any financial loss suffered. Nothing shall be construed as providing consulting, financial advice or general advice as to securing bitcoin.