Using Bitcoin Core

A bitcoin node is required in order to interact with the global bitcoin network. If you do not use your own node then you are using someone else’s node, trusting them with both your privacy and verification that the expected rules of the network are followed.

The easiest way to run and use a bitcoin node is to simply install Bitcoin Core on a computer you already own. You can then use Sparrow Wallet on the same computer to use it with your hardware wallets. We will go through those steps below.

requirements: a computer with at least 700 GB of free disk space, SSDs are preferred over HDDs for their superior performance

  1. Download Bitcoin Core
  2. Verify the Download
    a. This step is important to ensure a malicious individual did not swap out the file hosted on the website with a compromised version.
    b. Follow the instructions listed here depending on which operating system you are using
    verify your download
  3. Install and Run Bitcoin Core
  4. Bitcoin Core is now synchronizing with the network, this will take some time as it downloads the entire historical record of the bitcoin network, leave it running, it is normal for this to take a few days
  5. Once it is fully synced, download and install Sparrow Wallet on the same computer
    a. Sparrow will enable you to easily use your Bitcoin Core node with your hardware wallets
  6. Follow these steps to connect Sparrow to Bitcoin Core
  7. You can now easily use your own bitcoin node with your hardware wallets. Bitcoin Core and Sparrow do not need to be run 24/7, simply launch both whenever you need to use your wallets.

Follow this guide to setup a coldcard hardware wallet to use with sparrow and your bitcoin node.

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